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About AMSA Med Ed 

AMSA Medical Education (Med Ed) is one of AMSA’s special interest groups (SIGs) founded in 2016 with the mandate to provide another avenue for AMSA to improve medical education within Australia. We seek to achieve this goal through Med Ed’s two branches: Resource and Research, as well as collaborations within and external to AMSA.  

    • Med Ed Resource produces free, peer-reviewed, open-access educational resources for medical students that can be found at https://amsamoodle.org.au. There are four branches of AMSA Med Ed: AMSA National Question Bank, AMSA Fact Sheets, AMSA Academy and AMSA OSCEs.

The AMSA Med Ed National Question Bank is the first national question bank created by Australian medical students for Australian medical students, with hundreds of available quizzes and MCQs. AMSA Med Ed Factsheets creates succinct summaries of conditions and relevant Australian management protocols.  AMSA Academy is AMSA’s online learning platform which presents modules across multiple disciplines in medicine and works closely with other AMSA SIGs such as Global and Rural Health. Lastly, AMSA Med Ed OSCEs is our newest team which creates practice OSCEs and marking guides. 

    • Med Ed Research is for students interested in contributing to research on the status quo of medical education in Australia to supplement AMSA’s and local Medical Societies’ advocacy to improve medical education. Med Ed Research also works with the AMSA Advocacy team to produce research to reinforce AMSA’s stance on various educational issues. This team also strives to engage and provide opportunities for medical students to conduct research. 

Med Ed Research has undertaken projects to assess the psychiatry curriculum outcomes of medical graduates in Australia, intimate partner violence education, and medical specialty selection pressures. Our newest research team is looking at the impact of COVID-19 on medical students.

AMSA Med Ed Research also has a Research Resources team which create simple factsheets on the basics of research and conducting research. The guides cover a variety of topics including “How to write an abstract” and “How to find a supervisor” and can be accessed on Med Ed Moodle. 

Would you like to get involved?

Participate in our events! We have four annual events: the MCQ Cup, the Med Ed Research Symposium, and the Med Ed OSCE Night. 

Follow our social media to learn more about how to apply to be part of Med Ed and how to participate in our events!


2022 Key Dates

Contact Details

For general enquires: 

Xuan Ye - Chair, AMSA Medical Education - xuan.ye@amsa.org.au

For enquires pertaining to AMSA Medical Education Resources: 

Faizah Alam - Vice-chair, AMSA Medical Education (Resources) - faizah.alam@amsa.org.au

For enquires pertaining to AMSA Medical Education Research: 

Prageeth Gamage - Vice-chair, AMSA Medical Education (Research) - prageeth.gamage@amsa.org.au